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Joel Dillard nominated to be a member of the Executive Committee of the Labor & Employment Law Section of the Mississippi Bar

I am honored to have been nominated by my peers to serve as a member of the Executive Committee of the Labor & Employment Law Section of the Mississippi Bar. The Bar helps maintain a collegial and professional relationship among attorneys, and provides continuing legal education to the profession.

Today, as I participated in my first meeting since my nomination, looking around the room I knew every one of the people there (save one) from having opposed them in court. It further impressed on me the honor of that nomination, knowing that I was selected by the very people with whom I had fought bitterly in case after case. It is a mark of the mutual respect and collegiality of the Bar that they selected me to serve with them on this committee.

To give another example, I once sued an administrator who was a former Justice of the Mississippi Supreme Court, and even had to depose him. He had called my client a liar and fired her. My claim was that he violated her civil rights. It was tense.

Later, he was assigned to sit as a judge over one my cases. The opposing party brought up that I had sued him and tried to have him recused. He declined. And he presided fairly over the case. As he said in his order declining to be recused: it made no difference to me as to Mr. Dillard because I have always respected him as an ethical, diligent attorney who simply represents the interests of his clients.

As Shakespeare said, good attorneys will strive mightily, but eat and drink as friends.


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