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Attorney Joel Dillard

A pragmatic, creative approach

My unique approach blends proactive advice and relentless advocacy to achieve clients' employment-law goals. My clients are not just a case or a recovery: they are real people, strong but in need of support. We will investigate thoroughly to help clients understand the situation. We will creatively explore the practical and legal options. And, if necessary, we will work together to fight for the best outcome for the client.

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A thorough understanding of employment law and labor law

Joel Dillard has drafted major labor regulations, federal appeals court decisions, and federal agency decisions which continue to govern daily working life. This experience, seeing the law from the inside out, provides for depth and nuance of understanding. No stone remains unturned in the firm's efforts to resolve clients' problems favorably.

One-of-a-kind national experience

Intake Officer Mary Quinn

Mary joined the firm as its Intake Officer in January of 2022. She is a graduate of Lafayette High School, Oxford, MS. She obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from the University of Mississippi. Before joining the firm, she had a thirty-plus year career as a claims adjuster and supervisor for Travelers Insurance Company and the Mississippi Municipal Service Company. In that role, she attended numerous trainings on EEO law, and has also participated in numerous settlement conferences involving race, sex, age and disability discrimination cases. She has also been extensively involved in cases that were in litigation. In her spare time, she enjoys comedies, movies, music and spending time with her grandchildren.

Paralegal Al Green

Al Green Jr. joined the firm as a paralegal in August of 2022. Prior to joining the firm, Al worked as a litigation paralegal specializing in insurance claim defense and compliance officer, enforcing consumer protection mandates. He graduated magna cum laude from Davenport University in 2014, and has attended one year of law school at the University of Alabama School of Law.

Peggy Browning Fellowship & Alumni

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