Joel Dillard PA

Representing Mississippi Workers

Affordable limited representation.

For the cost of about two weeks of groceries, the firm will investigate the situation and provide professional, confidential advice. We also offer reasonable options for limited representation.

For example, if you need help negotiating confidentiality clauses, non-compete agreements, severance packages, or releases, we can help you for about the price of a new suit.

Slightly more complex matters - such as disciplinary hearings for teachers, federal employees, and state government employees - will cost in the range of a new riding lawnmower. The amount will vary depending on the complexity of the matter and the scope of the representation.

Fee-shifting, contingency, hourly, or pro bono publico: we make an arrangement that works.

For ongoing or highly complex matters, the fee arrangement will depend on the type of case, the strength of the evidence, the size of the case, and the client's needs. Some cases have an hourly fee and retainer. Some cases with a large potential recovery may permit fees to be deferred until the close of the case, and paid as a contingent percentage of the money recovered for the client. And in some very strong civil rights cases, the client need never pay any fee because the firm can win attorney's fees directly from the employer (fee-shifting). The firm also takes some cases for the public good without expectation of payment (pro bono publico).

Labor Union representation at more than 50% off market rates

The firm represents established labor unions and their members. Whether providing support in organization drives, filing unfair labor practice charges, negotiating contracts, defending the union, or as a service provider to membership, union representation is the most rewarding kind of work we do - and provided at the steepest discount.

Trying to start a union? Call me, and don't worry about any fee. This is the firm's pro bono specialty.

This site is for general information only, and creates no attorney-client relationship. Sending inquiries to the firm does not create an attorney-client relationship.

To get legal advice about an employment law, labor law, federal employee law, whistleblower protection, labor unions, worker cooperatives, immigration, discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, severance, or any related question, you must first have a conflicts check by the firm. We represent exclusively workers, worker cooperatives and unions, but we still must check for potential conflicts of interest, for example, between a supervisor and employee.

First provide the firm with your name, and the name of the person you are making claims against - and no other information. This allows the firm to check for such conflicts of interest. Until you receive confirmation from an attorney that there is NO CONFLICT, none of the information you provide will be considered confidential. Do NOT provide any confidential information before we have asked you to do so.

Once we have confirmed there is no conflict, you may discuss your matter with the attorney in a little more detail, and, if requested, make an appointment. If at your appointment the firm accepts you as a client in writing, then the attorney will be able to provide you with employment law advice.