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We are proud of our ALUMNI!

The Peggy Browning Fellowship is an elite training program for the next generation of labor lawyers. We are an official mentor organization for the Peggy Browning Fellowship, and are proud to host law student fellows in the summer. Our fellows learn about civil rights litigation first-hand, and the experience is a spring-board to a career in the field.

2021 Peggy Browning Fellow Tess Shelton

Law Student at the University of Memphis

Tess was instrumental in trying a sexual harassment case to a jury in federal court. She assisted in preparation by presenting arguments to a focus group before trial. At trial, she participated in selecting the jury, prepared demonstratives for use in opening statements, and read deposition testimony in court. The trial resulted in a $750,000 emotional distress verdict. She recently graduated and will be joining the labor bar in Memphis this fall.

2020 Peggy Browning Fellow Nicholas Stonecypher

Labor lawyer for UE

Nicholas came to us as a rising 3L and worked remotely as a fellow during the surreal summer fellowship of 2020 along with Mary Kate Dugan. He drafted an appellate brief, conducted two focus groups, and wrote multiple motions and discovery. After lawschool, he returned to the firm for a six-month post-graduate fellowship in litigation, where he had the opportunity to engage in a successful bench trial. He is now the in-house attorney for the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE).

2019 Peggy Browning Fellow Emily Dowdle

Employee benefits lawyer in Nebraska

Emily joined our fellowship program along with Jay Kucia in 2019. She drafted a free speech complaint, wrote summary judgment briefs in a race discrimination case, helped prepare for depositions and settlement conferences, and conducted a focus group in an ultimately successful sexual harassment case. She now works as an employee benefits (ERISA) lawyer in Nebraska at the law firm Kutak Rock.

2016 Summer Associate Schuyler Kinneman

Family Lawyer in Kentucky

Schuyler joined the firm as a student associate before we were a part of PBF. In 2016 he was a rising 3L at the University of Mississippi Law School. In six weeks working at the firm, he drafted summary judgment briefs in a disability discrimination case and discovered his passion for litigation. He now works as a family lawyer in Kentucky at the law firm Barrow Brown.

Paralegal Sharon Smith

Sharon held the office together. During her years at the firm, Sharon kept Joel in line. She talked to well over 1,000 potential clients looking for help, and despite that call volume, she still took the time to make sure everyone got a fair shot. She's now moved to Maryland to be with family and has a new job caring for people in need. They are very fortunate to have her. We are all still counting on her prayers for us.


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